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Finding the Right RV/Van Mattress to Travel & Sleep Comfortably

More and more Americans are choosing to travel by the road each year, with many permanently shifting to a nomadic lifestyle. Thanks to the popularity of films like “Nomadland” and online communities like r/Vandwellers , living or traveling in an RV or van has become a viable and exciting option for people of all ages.

This new lifestyle demands a lot of compromise from an individual. Trading a comfortable four-wall bedroom to a limited space can be taxing. While there is excitement to be found on this new journey, one also has to pay strict attention to their health on the road. Sleep is one of the most important things in the world and a good night’s sleep depends on a variety of different factors, including a solid mattress. Finding the right mattress for your RV or van is as important as embarking on the journey of a lifetime. You do not have to compromise on your sleep during the adventure of a lifetime.

Ditch Your RV’s Stock Mattresses

If you’re going to be traveling and living in your RV or van, ditch the stock mattress that comes with your vehicle. Your van likely won’t come with a mattress (or much of anything) but an RV typically comes with a bed. Mattresses that come with RVs take a one size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t mesh well with individual sleeping needs. Because you’re in such close quarters, you want to relax and sleep as comfortably as possible but that won’t be the case with cheap and thin stock beds.

No two RVs are alike, which means you can’t just pick up any bed, so why not go custom? A custom RV mattress can be tailored to individual sleeping requirements from top to bottom without much effort. Measure the space your RV has allotted for the bed and input the dimensions on our site. Unlike stock mattresses, a custom RV bed can be designed from material to firmness, allowing you the opportunity to get the best possible sleeping experience on the road.

Outfit Your Van with A Great Bed

Living and traveling in a van is a great economical way to embark on a nomadic lifestyle. Unlike RVs, the market for livable vans is still in its infancy. While there are small companies that provide and sell living-friendly vans, most would-be travelers have to take a DIY approach. The benefit of this is that travelers can create their sleeping space and either use their mattress from home, purchase a new one, or create a fully customizable one.

The Benefits of a Custom RV/Van Mattress

Perhaps the largest benefit of traveling with a custom RV or van mattress is the flexibility it allows. Traveling day after day, it’s important to sink into a bed that provides optimal comfort. With such a tight space in a vehicle, it’s difficult to find a bed that is premium. A fully customizable RV bed is catered specifically to the needs of the traveler, meaning they’ll be fully rested each night.

Beyond comfort, travelers can customize beds to exactly fit their space. Each RV and van is different but mass-market beds come in the same stock sizes, which may not fit the traveling mold. Being able to customize the length, height, and width of a bed allows one to find the perfect match for their van or RV.


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