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What’s the Difference Between a Foam and Coil Mattress?

If you’re buying a mattress, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of options available, especially if you’re leaning towards a custom product. On the market you’ll find both foam-based and coil-based mattresses. Both come with their separate advantages that can lead to better sleep and relaxation. Buying a new mattress is not a decision to be taken lightly as you’ll likely be sleeping on your purchase for the next 6 to 8 years. So, take the time to understand and learn what sets foam and coil-based mattresses apart from one another.

What Makes a Foam Mattress Special?

Memory foam has become an increasingly popular material over the last two decades. Sleepers are often surprised to learn that memory foam was actually invented by NASA in the ‘60s. This popular material is made of polyurethane foam to create a comfortable and immersive sleeping experience. The material is fantastic for back support. Foam based mattresses are soft and conforming to the body, though those hoping for firmer options can find them available.

If you snooze on your side, like 13% of sleepers, it’s probable that you may enjoy the conforming nature of memory foam. The material will be able to absorb your shoulder and arm into the mattress as opposed to pushing into it, resulting in an unparalleled sleeping experience. Add a mattress topper to increase the airflow of your memory foam mattress. Opting for a foam-based mattress will lead to great motion transfer and isolation.

What is motion transfer and isolation? It’s the application of weight to one side of the bed, which then affects the other side. If you’re lying on one side of the bed, the other side will raise as well. Essentially, the rest of the bed will morph around your weight. This is a key factor that makes memory foam mattresses particularly popular.

What is a Pocket Coil Mattress?

Pocket coil mattresses are the new and improved take on innerspring products. These are the standardized mattresses that have been common over the last century. Pocket coils are strong and supportive as they push against your weight, meaning you won’t sink into them like memory foam models. How are they so supportive? Because pocket coils are made of steel and are wrapped in fabric, they’ll be able to stay in place for longer.

Pocket coil products are less dense and allow for an abundance of air between coils, which can rise to rise through the thin foam layers that protect it. In warmer areas this can make a rather large difference in your sleep quality.

Unlike innerspring models, pocket coil mattresses will distribute your weight evenly, meaning your bed will last you a lot longer. This can also pose significant health benefits as your body will sleep in the same position every night, which can lead to fewer aches. As for motion transfer, the bed takes all of your weight in one place and remains firm. Motion isolation is fantastic in pocket coil mattresses as all coils are isolated, meaning your partner won’t wake should you leave bed or move around at night.

Where can I find the perfect mattress?

Both mattress types are extremely popular, which is why they’ve been around for so long. It’s important to consider a variety of factors, including firmness. What suits your tastes and sleeping habits? When you’ve found the right material, it’s important you find a bed that fits your home. If you’re in the market for an odd-sized mattress, such as one for an Olympic queen bed, it can be difficult to find reputable outlets.

To find the best mattress for your home, look no further than Custom Mattress. Despite popular belief, custom doesn’t mean pricey. Why not create a mattress that’s perfect in material, firmness, and length? If you’re interested in a custom memory foam mattress or a specially designed pocket coil mattress, we have everything that you would need. Spend time exploring our custom-made beds to get the best sleep you’ve ever had.


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