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Liven Up Your Home with An Oversized Daybed

There’s nothing more relaxing and cozier than taking a nap on a daybed. If you’re looking to add an extra bed to your home, but want something more functional or intend on preserving space, there’s nothing more perfect than a wide daybed. What is a daybed? It’s both a sofa and a bed, and usually features storage space underneath. Daybeds are becoming increasingly popular in homes as they provide a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for both sitting and sleeping. A wide daybed is perfect for small spaces or a guest bedroom. An oversized daybed is also a great option for young children who don’t require a full bed just yet.

Daybeds are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of styles and designs, from modern and minimal, to loud and antique-like. Daybeds can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered fabrics - there’s something out there for everyone and every room! Before you purchase a daybed, consider who will be using the piece of furniture. While daybeds can serve multiple uses, it’s best to manage expectations when purchasing them. If you want an oversized daybed for guests to lounge on, you’re thinking right. Want a more relaxing sofa or couch that’s great for taking naps on? Enjoy your new daybed. Do you intend on having a daybed as the only bed in your home? In that case, make sure to purchase a wide daybed that is comfortable for more than just a few hours.

What’s The Difference Between a Wide Daybed & a Sofa Bed?

It’s easy to forget that daybed and sofa beds are two different products, though they both achieve similar results for the sleeper. A daybed is a type of sofa that can be used as a bed. However, the average daybed is smaller than a typical bed. Some daybeds have a trundle bed underneath that can be pulled out for extra sleeping space. Daybeds tend be relaxing as both sofas and beds, but the wider they are, the better they are for long-term sleep solutions.

Sofa beds are similar to daybeds in that they can be used as a couch and a bed, but they are usually larger than a daybed. Sofa beds have a frame that folds out into a bed. They usually have a mattress on the frame, but some sofa beds have a separate mattress that can be placed on the frame. Sofa beds are a more practical solution to long-term sleep and are a staple with college students, but they lack the charm and coziness of an inviting oversized daybed. Consider a sofa bed as a great option for those who have a small amount of space and want to capitalize on it, while a daybed is a great accessory to a large home.

Upgrade Your Oversized Daybed’s Mattress

If you have a daybed, you already know how great it is for lounging on during the day or giving to guests while they’re staying in town. The issue with most daybeds is that they use cheap materials for the mattress/top. Your money is almost always going towards the style and design of the daybed, and not the bed itself, which can lead to some mixed results, especially if you’re sleeping on it regularly. Most manufacturers don’t even provide replacement mattresses, instead forcing you to purchase a brand-new daybed entirely.

As a consumer, you should know that a custom mattress for your wide daybed is a great choice. Stock daybed tops are just that: stock. They don’t cater to individual sleeping needs and are generic in nature. Perhaps you sleep on your stomach and find that your current daybed doesn’t provide the same comfort you expect. If your current mattress is giving you issues and is showing its age, consider replacing it with a custom mattress that you can design online. First, choose the best material for your oversized daybed. We offer both custom size coil and custom size foam mattresses with varying degrees of firmness to suit you. A custom-made mattress tailored to your likings is far more durable than a generic stock mattress.

Going custom gives you the benefit of making the perfect mattress that also fits your oversized daybed. Simply measure the space you have, and input the dimension on the mattress of your choosing. Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect mattress for your wide daybed.


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