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Olympic Queen vs. Queen mattress: Which one is right for you?

If you’re in the market for a queen bed, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve come across an Olympic queen mattress. However, chances are you aren’t sure exactly what an Olympic queen has to offer that sets it apart.

An Olympic queen offers six further inches of width than a standard Olympic mattress. While that may not sound like much, it can actually make a significant difference for several reasons. Before you buy, take a look at this guide that breaks down everything you need to know about Olympic queen mattresses.

What is an Olympic queen mattress?

If you’re a couple struggling to find comfortable sleep in a queen size, but don’t have the bedroom space needed for something larger, an Olympic queen can be a great option.

A standard queen mattress measures 60 by 80 inches, but the Olympic queen comes in at a slightly wider 66 by 80 inches. This makes the Olympic queen a great option for couples or anyone who tosses and turns a lot when they sleep.

However, it’s important to note an Olympic queen is not a standard size mattress. Given its obscure nature, you will not be able to walk into your local mattress retailer and pick one up. Also, it’s important to keep in mind this may make finding a proper bed frame a challenge as well. If you want to go the route of an Olympic queen, finding a high-quality frame is not impossible, but it will require a little more effort than a standard queen bed frame.

Benefits of an Olympic queen mattress

Here are some of the main benefits of opting for the Olympic queen mattress:

● Six inches of extra width makes it the most comfortable queen option for couples.

● It offers comfortable sleep without the space requirements of a king mattress.

● Often in a very similar price range to the standard queen.

Downsides of an Olympic queen mattress

While a great option, the Olympic queen does not come completely free of cons.

● Finding an Olympic queen mattress is more difficult than finding a standard queen.

● Bed sheets, lines, and bed frames for the Olympic queen are not always easy to come by.

● You may need to compromise on mattress types and firmness.

What is a queen mattress?

Obviously, you know what a queen mattress is, but are you aware it’s the most popular mattress size in America? About half of Americans prefer to sleep on a queen mattress, and for good reason. The queen’s size makes it great for couples but it’s also not too large to fit in the average or even smaller bedrooms.

When compared to the Olympic queen, finding bedding, frames, etc. for this mattress is a walk in the park. Given its popularity, almost every big-box retailer in the country has a vast assortment of bedding for this mattress size readily available.

Benefits of a queen mattress

Here are some of the benefits of the standard size queen mattress:

● Suitable for single sleepers or couples

● Accessories are affordable and readily available

● Queen mattresses are available in all types and firmness levels

Downsides of a queen mattress

While it may be popular, when compared to the Olympic queen, the queen has its downsides.

● The queen does not offer the level of comfort the Olympic queen does for some couples

Which one is right for you?

So, now you know the differences between a queen and an Olympic queen. While the differences may seem subtle, the extra space can drastically improve your comfort and quality of sleep at night.

If you and your partner toss and turn or if you both like to sprawl out it may be worth considering the Olympic queen option. However if you like sleeping close together and are tight on room space, a standard queen will work just fine.

Any of our custom foam mattresses and custom coil mattresses can be ordered in queen, Olympic queen, or any other size.


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