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Situations Where a Custom Mattress Is Necessary for A Good Night’s Sleep

Buying a mattress can be a stressful endeavor if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Each individual has a unique sleeping profile: some sleep on their sides, while others sleep on their stomachs, a position that only 7% of people snooze in. Seeing as we sleep for one-third of our lives, it’s imperative that we treat a mattress like an investment. And a quality mattress that fits your sleep style pays dividends. The right mattress can make sleeping a breeze, which in turn can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Each body is unique and has different needs, which means no mattress has a one-size fits all approach.

Many folks spend hours upon hours researching different types of mattress styles and materials for their bedroom, but never pay particular attention to unique sleeping situations. There are times where a stock or standardized mattress simply won’t cut it, especially if you have a comfortable, custom-sized mattress at home that you know is perfect for you. Let’s take a look at a few situations where a custom mattress can come in handy to make your sleeping and waking hours easier and less stressful.

Put Safety First by Sleeping on A Custom-Made Truck Bed

If you operate a big rig, semi-truck, or any sort of vehicle for a living, you know just how important it is to get your 8 hours of sleep. If you have poor sleep hygiene, this can distract from driving and fulfilling your job duties. A lack of sleep can impact your driving, and can potentially lead to accidents. A study has found that those who receive less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to be in accidents.

Quality sleep is even more important if you sleep in your semi-truck. While cramped space and tight quarters are a part of the job, it doesn’t mean that you need lie on your company provided stock semi-truck mattress. Consider a custom memory foam mattress for your semi-truck quarters to get a few winks that get you ready to take on the day. A specialty semi-truck mattress can be accommodated to your needs, so you know you’re getting the best possible sleep. Do your part in stopping drowsy driving by ensuring you get proper sleep before you set off on your journey.

Sleep Like Royalty with A Custom RV Mattress

While some sleep on the road for their job, others might make it a part of their lifestyle. Many have taken to the roads in recent years, living in RVs, camper vans, and trucks, trekking across their respective country. The nomadic lifestyle has become immensely popular, with many taking the plunge every day. This exciting change of pace can become a nightmare if you’re not sleeping as comfortably as possible. Many RVs come with generic stock beds and it can be difficult to find replacement mattresses due to height and space constraints.

If your vehicle is going to double as your home, it’s important to not sacrifice your sleep for a daring new lifestyle. If the bed you had at home was doing your sleep wonders, create a custom RV bed that matches it in terms of firmness and material. A custom mattress is particularly helpful for van bed setups, as those don’t have concrete recruitments in terms of space.

If you’re building your vehicle from the ground up, a custom van mattress can help create more space. Instead of purchasing a traditional-sized bed from a retailer, measure how much space you’ll actually need in your van, and create a custom van bed that meets those requirements. Freeing up unwanted bed space can create room for a mini-kitchen or table. Because you want a luxurious sleep, create a custom set of bed sheets to accompany your RV or van bed. They’ll be one of a kind.

Dorm Beds Don’t Have to Leave You Stiff

College is a great time to find yourself by trying new things, meeting like-minded individuals, and focusing on your studies. And in between all the partying and cram sessions, you have to sleep. The problem is that most dorms beds don’t offer much variety in mattress choice. If you’re accustomed to a supportive coil mattress, it can be difficult to fall asleep on foam bed. With so much happening in college, it’s important to prioritize your sleep for the sake of your sanity. If the dorm bed you’re sleeping on doesn’t feel relaxing or it leaves you feeling stiff in the morning, it’s time for a replacement.

Let you’re RA know that you’re interested in swapping out your extremely soft dorm bed with something that’s more supportive and firmer. Next, measure the size of the bedframe in your dorm. Sometimes, dorm beds follow unconventional sizing schematics to maximize space, which can make it difficult to find a bed at a retailer. Luckily, a custom mattress fit specifically to your needs and special requirements can be ordered. You can continue to use your custom dorm bed throughout your college career, and maybe when you move out. Don’t forget to protect your special-order dorm bed with a mattress protector!

Creating A Custom Mattress

If you’ve decided that your sleeping situation demands a custom mattress, you’re in the right. Everyone has different needs to get the rest they deserve, which is why offer multiple options in terms of material and comfort. Our mattresses are made-to-order, meaning it will be catered just for you. Our selection of custom size bed sheets and accessories will compliment your unique bed, whether it’s on the road on the road or in your college dorm. To learn more about your future mattress, consult our thorough FAQ.


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