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There’s a Better Way to Do Sofa Beds

Has anyone ever slept on a pull-out couch bed, woken up and said, “Wow, that was a great night’s sleep!”? No way. Just like RV beds, the mattresses that come with sofa bed couches are less-than comfy and less-than quality. People treat their couch mattresses as a last resort for a house more full of guests than bedrooms, and everyone understands why – because where are you even supposed to find another mattress for your pullout couch? It’s, like, 44 inches wide; there’s no way.

But actually, there is! You’ve just got to go custom.

Custom Mattress Options for Any Size Pull-Out Couch

A tailor-made mattress is a paradigm shifter for a sofa bed. Instead of that sad, saggy and slightly-lumpy mattress that came with the couch, a custom sleeper sofa mattress can be made exactly to your comfort specifications, and to the exact specifications of the pull-out’s mattress frame.

Occasionally, a sofa bed is a queen size, or maybe a short queen. But more often than not, it’s something else. Loveseat mattresses may need to be 42, 44, 48 or even 52 inches wide. Couch mattresses could be made up to 80 inches wide, which would be awesome, and would definitely be a pleasant surprise for your guests.

The other issue you’re going to run into with sofa bed mattresses is that the lengths aren’t standard, either. Because the mattress needs to be hinged to fold away correctly, the length has to be exact. Often, this means the mattress for a pullout couch is somewhere between 60 and 70 inches long.

Deciding on the Right Mattress for Your Couch’s Fold-out Bed

You’ve got a few things to consider with any sleeper sofa mattress. Because these mattresses have to fold, there need to be hinges, or the foam material has to be flexible enough to fold without compromising its structure when flat. And this will affect thickness as well. Make sure to measure your sofa bed’s frame mechanism well, and measure that old couch mattress you’re replacing, too.

There’s also material to think about. Typical sleeper mattresses are poor-quality innerspring or equally poor-quality foam. A custom-made mattress for a sofa bed made of materials like latex, memory foam, pocket coil, or hybrids of both, can offer support, comfort, flexibility, and the ability to be made to fit any couch.

Completing Your Sleeper Sofa Bed Makeover

Then you’ve got the sheets to think about, and chances are you aren’t going to find a 52-inch-wide set of bedsheets at the store. This fix is even easier than designing the new couch mattress – have the same mattress makers create cotton or bamboo bedding tailored to the mattress they’ve already made for you.

Even if your new sleeper sofa mattress is a standard queen size, you should still strongly consider premium custom sheets, and not just for comfort. Sofa bed mattresses are much thinner than a standard 14” pocket queen size set of sheets, so they’ll still be ill-fitting even if the length and width of your pull-out couch is technically a queen size.

Sofa Beds so Comfy Your Guests may Overstay their Welcome

The thing is, dealing with these weird mattresses is easy now, and you don’t even have to leave your house to go looking for a new mattress for your sofa bed. Online custom mattress manufacturers can make exactly the size, shape and thickness you need, and can add mattress hinges, cut or rounded corners, and luxury materials like natural latex and custom memory foam.

A great sofa bed mattress is going to surprise guests and make them more likely to hang out for the night! It’s a win-win, really. And it’s so easy to order a custom mattress for your pull-out couch; you just need a few measurements and to make a couple choices about how your mattress is built, and before you know it, your bespoke loveseat mattress will show up at your front door conveniently vacuum-packed into a manageable box!


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