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Why a Sofa Bed is the Perfect Addition to Any Guest Room

If you have a guest room in your home, you know how important it is to have a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. A bed with a quality custom mattress is always great for couples or a few rugrats, but what’s the solution for multiple guests? The last thing you want is to give up your own bed or offer up your old sofa. And giving directions to a hotel is just plain rude. One of the best ways to maximize your guest bedroom without breaking the bank is to add a sleeper sofa.

A sofa bed is a couch that can be converted into a bed. You can even add a custom-made mattress to make your guests sleep as comfortable as possible. A simple addition like a sleeper sofa means that you can cram more guests into your home without sacrificing space.

Sofa Beds Are Versatile

Sofa beds are extremely versatile and wear multiple hats. Your guests can use them as a couch during the day but it also functions as a bed at night. Having one piece of furniture do two things is great, especially if you’re on a budget or have a limited amount of space. Depending on the size you opt for, a sofa bed can fit one adult, or two children, making it a perfect and inventive way to house little guests.

Sofa beds can be also be customized. They’re available in different sizes to accommodate the amount of space you have. There are full size sofa bed mattresses for small spaces, or queen-sized beds for homes with extra room. Another benefit is that you can move your sofa bed around the house, so your extra guests don’t always have to stay in the room. And if you have extra guests ever for a dinner party, you can always bring out the sofa bed to seat more people! Talk about a win-win situation.

Sofa Beds Are Simple & Cheap

You’ll be glad to know that sofa beds are a small investment. Though there are different price points and premium sofa beds available, you’ll mostly find them to be competitively priced. Not only will sofa beds not break the bank, but they’re also extremely easy to set up. They can be set up in a matter of minutes and your guests will be able to get some quality sleep without having to worry about the bed’s design.

Why A Custom Sofa Bed Mattress Is Necessary

Sofa beds are great to house a few extra guests and they’re relatively inexpensive, but how comfortable are they? Unfortunately, most stock sofa bed mattresses are far from impressive and likely won’t give your guests the best possible sleep they deserve. Because sofa bed mattresses are standardized, they don’t come with the same comfort and value we get from the regular mattresses we have at home. Now, this revelation shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing a sleeper sofa as they’re great additions to any home. Instead, consider going custom for the best sofa bed mattress.

Custom mattresses are a great option for sofa beds as they can be designed to fit the sofa’s dimensions and designs. In most cases, it’s difficult to find replacement sofa bed mattresses as manufacturers want you to purchase brand new sets, not individual components. By going custom, you can customize the bed exactly to your liking, from size to material. Stock sofa bed mattresses use cheap, generic materials that don’t create pleasure.

Just imagine how great you’ll feel when your guests wake up and tell you that they had the best sleep of their life on a custom sofa bed memory foam mattress. The best sofa bed mattress can be found right here on Simply chose between a custom memory foam mattress or coil bed, and then pick your dimensions. And after a few short winks, you’ll be greeted with a custom mattress that will have all your guests sleeping in.


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